Thursday, August 20, 2009

Start swimming

I'm working on paintings having to do with swimmers and swimming related stuff.. A former competitive swimmer myself, it seems a natural habitat... In fact, apart from being on a mountainside, I love nothing more than being in the water.

The top picture's final result was an accident. I ruined the water originally (doesn't everyone at some point?) and was determined not to lose the swimmers. So I cut them out and redid the background using fluid acrylic for a stronger statement. Then I pasted the original racers on. It's titled (since I'm new to blogging I didn't get the sequence correct for adding a title before posting another image) "Into the Blue 1"

The second one, "Ladies-in-Waiting 1", is a combination of watercolor and fluid acrylic.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting started....

It is with a bit of arm-twisting from Nick Simmons that I launch myself into the blogosphere. And not without a lot of trepidation, I might add. What is easy and natural for my youngest friends looms large in my psyche. So, for those of you who stumble across me, please read and comment gently if you wish. My ramblings should improve with time - I hope.

These pictures are from my last trip to one of my most favorite places in the world - Scotland! And, as you can guess by my last name, the country of my heritage. I spent time with Margaret Evans on one of her wonderful "Paintaways" (OK - I tried to make this a link but failed...) to the Isle of Skye and then drove north to Nairn - a small, seaside town on the Moray Firth. Scotland is a painter's paradise and I even love the weather! No extremes of heat just bountiful beauty. And that's the extent of my lyrical waxing for now...