Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can't resist...more New York and the boys in blue....

310 E. 44th - the Beaux Arts - where I spent a few hemmed in years - my studio apartment faced a brick wall

The Metropolitan...and some entertainers at the bottom of the steps - smart moves on a nice day...harmonizing and selling their cd.

Some of my favorites

Gauguin...love those big blocks of color

Degas - his beautiful ballerinas..

Renoir - I love this painting and Bill said to be sure and mention his favorite part - the splash of red behind mademoiselles's head.....

Miro - a new-found passion


More Modigliani


"Red Suit"

Incredibly cheeky...but, after all the agony it took to create this blog entry, I needed a small gift to myself! :) Pardonnez-moi and have a giggle at the same time. :)