Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can't resist...more New York and the boys in blue....

310 E. 44th - the Beaux Arts - where I spent a few hemmed in years - my studio apartment faced a brick wall

The Metropolitan...and some entertainers at the bottom of the steps - smart moves on a nice day...harmonizing and selling their cd.

Some of my favorites

Gauguin...love those big blocks of color

Degas - his beautiful ballerinas..

Renoir - I love this painting and Bill said to be sure and mention his favorite part - the splash of red behind mademoiselles's head.....

Miro - a new-found passion


More Modigliani


"Red Suit"

Incredibly cheeky...but, after all the agony it took to create this blog entry, I needed a small gift to myself! :) Pardonnez-moi and have a giggle at the same time. :)


  1. I just long to go there !
    And I noticed Degas's work ;-)
    Nice work btw !

  2. Catherine..Come on over!!! New York is a great town! I didn't get to see enough at the Met but I loooove Degas and your post about his work was extremely informative. In fact your whole blog is really neat!

  3. The last one is the best!!! Sorry I've been scarce here, no time lately, will remedy soon

  4. I'd like to say something wittier than "thanks and the check's in the mail"....but not thinking creatively enough at this time!