Thursday, October 15, 2009

OK - so New York isn't THAT exotic compared to..say...China! (More on that anon.) Marilyn, from Las Vegas, and I stalked NYC this past week in conjunction with our friend Bill, my old neighbor from East 44th Street. We did the usual tourist stuff, things I never did when I lived in Manhattan (unless friends come to mooch - er - visit, does one ever??).

So off to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island we went. Marilyn's mom entered the country through EI and so it was a sentimental journey of sorts. And it was fun!! The ferry ride was the best with stellar views of NY Harbor and Jersey. The wind was blowing at gale force intensity but the sun was shining and the ferries rocked and rolled across the water. I was very impressed with the handling of the boats that were being blown either on or off the dock....good captaining!!!! (Old yacht charter broker here....)

"Billy Elliott" was our Broadway treat and it was a tasty one. A fabulous show if you ever get the chance. But the hight point had to be a reunion with my friend Marina from early, early (age 12 or so) days at the infamous and strict boarding school - Prealpina. We hadn't seen each other in @#$%& years but fell right back into the easy friendship of our youth!

What with an allergy/cold attack the previous week and then a week of fun in NYC, I haven't had time to paint. And I feel the urge badly. Maybe I'll be renewed and reinvigorated with happy results! We'll soon find out.....


  1. This is the best time of year to visit NY, it's beautiful in fall. Those roasting chestnuts or whatever they are waft through the streets with a special aroma that spices up the bracing air. Oh no...this is getting poetic, sorry. I "did" Ellis Island last summer, fascinating place. Tell us about the sumptuous interior in the pic of you two - looks like the lobby of the Danieli.

  2. Hey, Nick! Poetry is ALWAYS good! I love NYC in fall as well but it was still warm and so no bracing air or chestnut smells..but great just the same! The interior (had to actually google Danieli) is a private residence but I am going to Venice next fall.....know I won't be staying at the Danieli though.. :)