Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Amy #1"

Finally picked up my pastels after a year and painted this picture of my friend, Amy, whom you might recognize from the previously posted works of "Sunflower Sundress" and "Red Suit" (although she's pictured from the back in that maybe not... :) ). It is such a different medium from watercolor and fluid acrylic that I had to re-orient myself and bumbled around for many hours before getting back into the swing of things. And talk about messy!! The dustbuster had a real work out.

Amy makes a great model and I look forward to doing more with her. Sure beats.........uh......I was going to say "dead flowers" but thought better of it. I actually like flowers dead or not and must try my hand.......oh wait......I did!! I actually bought a watercolor dvd by Shirley Trevena and loved it. Jumped online to purchase some sticks and oil pastels and, along with my watercolor, went for it!! And my favorite tip: the credit card!!!

Untitled experiment

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Diving Divas#1

I finished this painting using watercolor acrylic. As many of you know, this risky (aaaagh) medium enables prolific use of the water bottle without having the color you just put down run. The only drawback is the speed with which you have to move to get the color right lest the paper dry. Very tricky!! I bang around in my small studio space tilting the paper this way and that while the air turns blue from my slightly inventive language. But all's well that ends well after a bit of tedious clean up. Oh, and the fun thing about this composition is that you can actually, turn the paper any which way and it works. So if you like another angle - feel free!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The finished product

"Sunflower Sundress"

I'm getting there - added these sunflowers - still not sure about it or them...

Filling it out a bit - the paper is really warped now - better straighten it out....

A little bit further along.....

Here is the beginning of a painting I am doing of my friend this point I have no idea where I'm going with it..