Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Amy #1"

Finally picked up my pastels after a year and painted this picture of my friend, Amy, whom you might recognize from the previously posted works of "Sunflower Sundress" and "Red Suit" (although she's pictured from the back in that maybe not... :) ). It is such a different medium from watercolor and fluid acrylic that I had to re-orient myself and bumbled around for many hours before getting back into the swing of things. And talk about messy!! The dustbuster had a real work out.

Amy makes a great model and I look forward to doing more with her. Sure beats.........uh......I was going to say "dead flowers" but thought better of it. I actually like flowers dead or not and must try my hand.......oh wait......I did!! I actually bought a watercolor dvd by Shirley Trevena and loved it. Jumped online to purchase some sticks and oil pastels and, along with my watercolor, went for it!! And my favorite tip: the credit card!!!

Untitled experiment


  1. this is turning into one veeeerrrrrrry attractive and *enticing* series! What are you trying to do to us?? :) I think there must be a thing of an artist really clicking with a model, and you've found that. Wonderful additions to the show!
    Shirley T. has to be the most un-British of the UK watercoloUrists...who often regard themselves as the gatekeepers of the w/c tradition. She must have shaken them up when she hit the scene! Credit card is handy, I saw Thelin do entire paintings with one. Try cutting various types of notches in the edges, another handy tool.
    Carry on!

  2. just saw "Loneliness" on the site - beautiful!!!!

  3. Great pastel, love it !
    I also work with this medium and it takes some time before I begin to "forget" watercolors or acrylics when I have to hold a pastel stick in the hand ...
    But this is the multiplicity of techniques and interrogations makes you a versatile artist !

  4. Nick! Thanks for the comments!
    What a great suggestion to cut notches in the credit cards. I'd looove to see Valfred's work done entirely with the credit card - sounds intriguing. Now, can I make the difficult sacrifice and give up my precious Snowbird Club card?

  5. Catherine, thanks! And thanks for taking the time to visit - I so enjoy your blog and appreciate your comments.
    Pastels are a lot of fun and what I concentrated on until I found watermedia and fell in love! They say you don't choose who you fall in love with - must be the same for art media too. :)