Sunday, November 15, 2009

Diving Divas#1

I finished this painting using watercolor acrylic. As many of you know, this risky (aaaagh) medium enables prolific use of the water bottle without having the color you just put down run. The only drawback is the speed with which you have to move to get the color right lest the paper dry. Very tricky!! I bang around in my small studio space tilting the paper this way and that while the air turns blue from my slightly inventive language. But all's well that ends well after a bit of tedious clean up. Oh, and the fun thing about this composition is that you can actually, turn the paper any which way and it works. So if you like another angle - feel free!!


  1. You're right, it seems to work all let me put my computer back on the desk.
    The edges are really nice! Will you be announcing your show one of these days?? (oops!)

  2. After seeing your closeups I'm going to have to experiment some more....going off the deep end now!!!

  3. Hi Nancy,
    This is a good use of the precipitation and sedimentation properties of your blue pigments, bravo !
    Do not hesitate to enhance your complementary contrasts, blue goes darker when you are swimming to the depth waters ...
    Very nice work, congratulations !


  4. Hi, Catherine,
    Thanks for visiting! I actually did think about the blue going darker for depth of water but decided that I wanted the final work to be somewhat ambiguous as to whether the divers were in the water or in the air. It's very stylized anyway and you can turn the picture around to any angle and it still works. So that left out making it too clear as to where they were.

    I really appreciate the tips though as I am fairly uneducated in watercolor technique...Now I must research precipitation and sedimentation properties... :)

  5. Hi Nancy,
    Do you wish an article dedicated to precipitation and sedimentation ?
    I can write and publish it on my blog if this helps ...

  6. Catherine! I'd love one! Any and all advice on technique is very welcome. Thanks, and I'll look for it!