Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Panda girl.....

In June I was fortunate enough to travel to China with a small group from my Chinese acupuncturist's office. We support some students at his Traditional Chinese Medicine School in Chengdu and got the chance to not only visit but to see the first three graduate! It was an honor and a real pleasure.

I'll have many pictures to post over time as the trip was filled with so many photo opportunities - and I took full advantage! These are the first in the series and my favorites for obvious reasons. Who could resist having their picture taken with a baby (juvenile - perhaps 18 months old) Panda?? These were taken in Chengdu where some of us decided that, rather than spend our money on souvenirs, we would donate to the breeding program instead.

If some of the photos look a bit fuzzy it is because I was continuously in motion playing with this little girl, tickling her and snuggling with her and, I might add, even singing to her. :) She was adorable as you can see, and quite small under all that very soft fur. Her keepers had given her an apple to distract her but that didn't stop her from going for my sunglasses at the end!! It was also quite hot as you can tell from the sweat and flat hair - on me that is, not baby P. She was very well taken care of - those scrubs and plastic gloves are to protect her and not me!