Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Wishful Thinking"

This is one of the very first watercolors I did - and I still like it as one of my best. I tried to incorporate some of the lessons learned like the water - assisted vertical paint flow and the mingling of various colors for the skin. I should try to do it again and see whether I can improve on the technique - and if I can replicate that lucky water flow!! BTW, that is a hand mirror being held in her hand...tough to tell for some ...(guess I really do need to improve my technique :) ) ...oh, and yeah, the brownish-red round detail at the bottom is not part of her abdomen but a flask sitting at her side. :) Perhaps I should have painted it green the color it actually was!


  1. I really like this one too, beautiful palette and handling....way way better than my early wor. This should be in your upcoming show, but don't sell it!

  2. Thanks, Nick! Thanks for the support and comments - always appreciated.

  3. Great, excellent, work ! Congratulations !
    I love your contrasts and use of color.

  4. Thanks, Catherine - It must have been beginner's luck!!!