Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leatrice #1

This is a headshot that I've been working on. I want to incorporate the hair with the background and I'm searching for the right degree of inclusion....I'm half pleased with it but will try and do it again to see what improvements I can make!


  1. That's beautiful! You really have a way with figure and portrait work, and here you couldn't have a lovelier model (runs in the family!).

  2. Thanks, Nick! You always have something nice to say. It encourages me no end! :)

  3. Great ! Nick is right, she looks beautiful !
    I love the way you painted the subject. The use of color make me think about a portrait from the 30 or 40's but the line add a contemporary feeling.

    To incorporate the hair with the background, you can maybe soften the edges ?
    You should look at Slawa Prishedko portraits (see the link to his website on my blog), he's a great European master who could certainly inspire you.

  4. Thanks, Catherine! I'll check out Slawa Prishedko on your blog. You always have great information on there!!