Sunday, March 21, 2010


Loving Degas as I do, I could not resist this subject matter when it came up. This painting is from a picture of my childhood friend, Minja, when she attended ballet school. The lessons didn't stick, however, and she never made it to Swan Lake or Riverdance for that matter! Still, she has lovely expression and looks extremely Degas-like in this shot!


  1. Hi Nancy Lee, Ah Degas, he left us with something great beyond the subject. A particular comforting aesthetic that was pure and innocent at the same time with edge and grit.
    I have a penchant for the ballet subjects as well. Your drawing here is very good and the soft tones enhance a sense of the sentimental.
    However you've grounded the composition cleverly with the use of her name on the bg. It reminds me of graffiti which I think might be enhanced even more.

  2. Wow! Thanks, David. I really appreciate the thought-out critique. I was fooling around with the background options on a separate piece of paper including doodling her name when I decided that that was the way to go. But I was wary of it overpowering the piece and so was, perhaps, a bit timid in the application! :)

  3. an antiqued sepia look, and very appropriately delicate for the age of the subject. you're developing a recognizable style, that's very hard to do...might be best to put on the blinders and just keep looking at the next milepost - no distractions!

  4. You did well, Nancy ! Timidity is good sometimes ;-)
    To obtain depth without overpowering the piece, you could have added more contrast on the figure or worked the background with cool and complementary colors (these are only a small tips, not recommandations).

  5. Thanks, Nick! I don't know about a style - I feel like I'm kind of all over the place at times - there is so much thundering around in my head. :) But I love to try new stuff and I love the process frustrating as it is at times!

  6. I always appreciate your insights, Catherine! I was trying for a more antique look here but, I do think that my values/contrasts need more ooomph! Still learning to make my color stronger - damn - there's just so much water! :)