Friday, May 14, 2010

We visited the site of the big banyan tree after our river trip to Yangshuo

The one perfect lily nestled midst all the green

I stil can't get over the beauty of these "glass pebbles" of rain

I was fascinated by this lily field which seemed to go on ad infinitum

This seemed to me the most iconic of pictures of China throughout the centuries with the cattle, limestone mountains and farmer in the perfect image

The big banyan tree

A beautiful grouping of palms

I love the pony with the red blanket saddle waiting for a customer

Even the street vendors are artistic with the food beautifully presented

The "mountains" are the limestone deposits I mentioned in a previous post. Fascinating, and the subject of hundreds of paintings of China over the centuries! Everything is so lush. And the drops of water on the lily pads look like glass pebbles sitting on the surface of the leaves.

These pictures are copyrighted Nancy Lee Galloway

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