Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Sweet Charity Suite.....the minute you walked in the joint"

Today I spent the afternoon in Ellicott City, MD, waiting for 4 of my paintings to be judged worthy (or not) to enable my entry into full signature membership of the Baltimore Watercolor Society (BWS). While waiting to pick them up I wandered the historic district of EC on Main Street and had a tasty lunch at Johnny's Bistro. This is a beautiful part of town full of interesting shops and restaurants and boasting a bubble making magician dressed in Harry Potter-like attire much to the excitement of the kids!
I will not know the results of my artistic efforts for another 10 days and so am practicing my patience skills - those I am not known for. :) It was a gorgeous day, however, and a very easy ride on up from Annapolis so all is well. I'm posting one of the paintings that I submitted, the other 3 have already been featured on this blog. I'm sure I'll drag them out another time and post them again!!