Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Art Show Reception

Amy Booe and Nick Simmons

"Swim Meet #4"

With Amy, friend and model for much of my work

"Waiting for the Score"

Strangers and neighbors came

Leatrice #1 and Shadey Ladies #1

Helen and Barbara - China trip buddies

Nick and Nancy - not the best picture and that's what happens
when Amy makes you laugh with her picture-taking prowess

Louise and Elvia

...the minute you walked in the joint...

My former business partner and
marketing person extraordinaire Lynne, with her husband Mark

"Beautiful Dreamer"

Sunday, January 9th finally came and, in spite of the freezing weather and a Baltimore Ravens playoff game (how can you avoid such things months in advance), the turnout was excellent! I had hoped for more pictures but the traffic flow kept me from taking many and friends also had their hands full chatting each other up. Many thanks to my friend and model, Amy Booe and to my teacher, mentor and friend, Nick Simmons who courageously arrived in spite of being ill and feeling well below par. Much appreciated master!