Monday, March 21, 2011

Swim Meet #9

I created this larger version of SwimMeet #4 for entry into the BWS MidAtlantic show. I didn't have time to experiment with a new painting - the deadline was two weeks out - and, suffering from art show frenzy burnout, I decided to do a new one just larger. As my full repertoire was hanging in the show, I couldn't be sure that one I might have submitted would not sell! I should not have worried on both counts. :)


  1. I wish you good luck with this piece and the selections, Nancy.
    Ah, deadlines, it's always frustrating. I remember to have spent nights to achieve some paintings (because to much works in progress), framing them in the morning the day of the selections ... But challenges are stimulating, aren't they ?!! :-)

  2. Thanks, Catherine! My work didn't make it in...along with about 340 others...but I'll keep trying! I do like this piece and Nick thinks it's even better I'm re-energized in trying to do larger pieces. :) And, if I ever get to sell my condo (It's up for sale) and move (across town) I can have a studio that's bigger than my current, very small alcove off my living room. Maybe then I can go really large! Maybe I'll even get a ladder! :) Not sure I could manage could be worth a try though!