Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Marilyn tribute


  1. I made this video with the help of my friend Andrew Bliss and with the inspiration of the wonderful interpretation of "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" by Tierney Sutton!
    It depicts some of the work I did as Marilyn Monroe including bits for a commercial directed by the great Terence Donovan. Not all pictures are a direct reference to MM but most of them are!

  2. Love that version of the song, but it's the star of the show that really makes this. :) You were way ahead of Madonna, and just as glamorous as Marilyn herself! Blown away by the production, so well done!!! Start memorizing the speech, I expect you'll be nominated next season. :)

  3. OOOOOH! Thanks Nick! If you like it then I'm doubly pleased, maestro! :) It really was such a wonderful process and I learned so much...I promise to memorize my speech and not pull a crumpled bit of paper out of my cleavage! Heh heh.. :)