Thursday, August 25, 2011

My studio floorcloth
149" x 113"

Hemmed #4 (very heavy) canvas

Primed with white marine paint

Painted with fluid acrylics
Semi-gloss clear coat will protect it from furniture and traffic

I have moved and I am transforming the second bedroom into my studio. All those guests trundling through will have to share space with my paints and assorted artistic paraphernalia..... I know they won't mind and will love being surrounded by my bold - cough - endeavors. :) But the new floors I put down were too dark and did not reflect light from the wonderful solartube I had just installed. After pondering on many wacky ideas I came to the brilliant conclusion that I should paint - a la abstract expressionist - on a white floorcloth and put that down to, not only reflect the light, but to make a statement about the process of creation that I struggle with joyfully most days. And it is done!

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