Wednesday, November 9, 2011

La Belle Suisse

" The View" from my room

Looking down from the town of Gruyeres - cheese heaven

Before embarking on the ferry to Evian, France - of mineral water fame

Ferry crossing Lac Leman (Lake Geneva)

On the ferry crossing over to France - no passport required!

Ferry Flying French Flag Forward
(Sorry - couldn't resist)

View from a cafe overlooking the lake near Prealpina

View from the same cafe - no photoshop just the vivid setting on my camera

Chateau Surpierre where the Burki sisters lived.
Gabi Burki still lives there with her son, Philippe. Burki cheese was the family's living....
(more cheese!) the towers need re-roofing...Mon Dieu

Looking down from the chateau..another view from the endless supply that make up Switzerland

An old family retainer - Gabi's great grandfather was responsible for this

The dining room - lovely fireplace - one could roast a pig if one was so inclined...

Castle gate gargoyle

I recently returned to Switzerland for a school reunion. This was not a place where I had the happiest of memories being separated from my parents at a young age and away from my sunny childhood days spent in the intensity of life in Calcutta. Expat Brits sent their children away to school when they were ten and so, in his infinite wisdom (NOT) my father decided to do the same and hey - I'd learn French!

With some trepidation I returned to Prealpina which has now reverted to being a hotel and the cloud hanging over those years disappeared. When I walked in I felt....... NOTHING. That chapter has been put to rest and I was emotionally free to admire the truly beautiful view I had gazed upon for six years with resentful eyes. It seems that it is true - face your demons and they will vanish.

As a side note - everyone who saw it was incredibly envious of our view. If we complained about the school - the comeback was invariably: "But the view!" This became a running joke and we decided to name our reunion: "But THE VIEW!"


  1. Loved the photos Nancy... and the story that took you back to face your demons in Switzerland. It looks so idyllic I can't begin to imagine demons there... except maybe for that gargoyle thingy hanging over the doorway there LOL So great that you got to go back. What an interesting life you're in :-)

  2. Thanks so much for visiting, Jean! Yes it was a bit surreal for me and the only time I really could relax between the dreaded walls.

  3. Those are some amazing shot! The color, the clarity, like a breath of fresh air. Hope to see the whole collection soon!

  4. Thank you, Nick! Even I couldn't get over the beauty of the views that I had, for so long, been immune to due to the circumstances of being so young and away from family. More to come! :)

  5. What an incredible place to be educated at. Your photos are amazing .Thank you for sharing these experiences.

  6. Thank you Elise! The view from the school/hotel truly takes my breath away -now. I didn't, however, care about it at all when I was an inmate...err.....pupil there! :)