Monday, January 9, 2012

NAWA Show Reception at Strathmore Mansion

She didn't?....yep, she DID!

In a happy and somewhat wine-fueled state placing the red dot on "Barcelona!"
(BTW, The title is missing an "!" turned upside down before the "B"...
I do not know how to effect that.....)

Kristin with the ceremonial placing of the Red Dot on "RM1"

Nick's self-portrait "Breathe" - pushing the envelope of watercolor world!

Moi, Carol Carter, Sandy Ashton, Sandy Cawley & Kristin Pauly
At last meeting the wonderful Carol Carter....

With great enthusiasm and anticipation three of my art-loving friends joined me for the Sunday afternoon trek to Bethesda to see the NAWA show "Stepping Over The Line" at Strathmore Mansion. NAWA features six of the premier watercolor artists of North America - Keiko Tanabe, Thomas Schaller, Carol Carter, Mark Mehaffey, Kathleen Alexander and Nicholas Simmons - who have formed a group - the only one in N.A. I am assured - to exhibit together both domestically and abroad.

All of these artists have a presence on Facebook and I am privileged to be "friends' with most of them. So it was very exciting to be able to actually meet them and to see their work in person! And what an afternoon it turned out to be. Overcome by the quality of the work and the quality of the wine (?) - two of us "got off our wallets" - as my Canadian friends used to say - and splurged on two wonderful paintings by my good friend and mentor, Nicholas Simmons. It was unexpected and even the realization that I, most likely, cannot get "Barcelona!" (sorry Nick, I do not know how to do an upside down exclamation mark which precedes the B in Barcelona) into my car has not dampened my joy at having purchased this beautiful painting. (Roof rack anyone??) My bank account on the other hand..... :)

All of the other artists had wonderful paintings on display - I recognized many of their works only previously glimpsed on Facebook - and I would have loved to have purchased a few more had I been able. Maybe the next show!