Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scotland 2011

My trip to Scotland this past fall was highlighted by the wonderful landscapes of the Northern Highlands.....  The best pictures came with the interplay of light and dark - the sun and shadows that evolve from constantly changing cloud formations that seemingly move with great speed over the land.  A wonderful feast for the senses and the eyes and I never tire of the beauty!

These pictures were taken with the vivid color setting on my Canon Powershot S95.  No photoshopping was done.

These photos are copyrighted Nancy Lee Galloway

There were virtually no cars on the road when we came around the bend and face-to-face with - as it turned out - NATO troops on maneuvers.  It was a surprise to the soldiers and ourselves!  This ship carried no insignia and so, we were unable to determine which country it was from.

Things got very surreal when we saw this sheep - a common sight in Scotland - standing in the foreground with the NATO ship cruising the loch behind!

Another lovely, lonely place

On our way down to Ullapool for a drink and dinner at sunset

A cable laying ship in the Cromarty Firth looking out from the Black Isle.

I was fascinated by the oil rigs in for repair at Invergordon on the Cromarty Firth

The beautiful and somewhat spartan landscape gets another surreal boost from more rigs in various states of disrepair waiting their turn

On the Black Isle at "Dolphin Bay"

Shame but we saw no dolphins that day!

Lighthouse at "Dolphin Bay"

The golf course sits right next to the beach at "Dolphin Bay"

Sunday lunch on the Black Isle

On the way home...the harvest is in

Back home - the view from the lane 


  1. It's a nice place for adventure. Specially corryvreckan whirlpool. It's nice to go on boat trips there with friends. Pretty exciting.

  2. Well, thank you Anonymous...I've actually been on some boat rides up north. Wonderful way to see the coast and the wildlife!