Monday, June 4, 2012

Angela's Daily Journal

My trip last fall to Switzerland and the UK had me visiting with many old friends and staying in their wonderful homes.  The few days I spent with Angela and Michael in their somewhat (very) - in my eyes :) :) - spartan old farmhouse in North Wales was sheer pleasure as I relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery that is so prevalent in the British Isles.  Angela is not only a gifted artist, earth mother and superb chef, but a documentarian who produces cartoons chronicling her day to day activities in a small sketch journal.  

Michael picked me up at the train in a lovely, GENUINE '53 Citroen Traction Arant as driven by - take note you mystery fans - Maigret!  Lots of clashing and grinding of gears...To cap it off - hehheh - he wore a French beret to accentuate the mood.  We were a sight to elicit cheers and much waving as we passed through charming small villages with friendly pub-hopping patrons gathered outside.  And no, he really didn't have an American flag flying from the roof!

Here you find us comfortably ensconced in front of the telly with a large dog on one's lap - an English (and Welsh) tradition.   I believe we were happily wallowing in the second episode of Downton Abbey - Season two!

A British Picnic!
 A very familiar scenario from my early years in Jolly Old.  And, if any of you watched the Queen's Jubilee River Thames flotilla on June 3rd, you will recognize that neither wind nor rain will deter the Brits from having a smashing time in the pleasant and verdant countryside - or - in the Jubilee case - city!  You might also note that, although our hair is blowing in one direction, Ned's (the aforementioned dog) ears are blowing in another.....  :)

Art finally cannot be denied!
The sun came out and Angela and I settled down to paint their lovely lily pond.  All very Monet.... And while I happily dithered about experimenting with colors Angela was half way done - speedy and accurate - it is baffling just how much she can do!  But due to her timely accomplishments I was the beneficiary of several lovely steaming cups of tea followed by a delicious lunch "sur l'herbe". A heavenly way to paint!

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