Sunday, June 8, 2014

My friend Minja...


Minja having her picture taken at ballet which she disliked.  :)

My friend Minja passed away recently - we had been school girls together in  boarding school.  Prealpina was our "home" for many years and, although Minja thrived there, I didn't so much as I managed.  Years later when I went back to the school - now a hotel - I saw the beautiful view we all joked about - because at 10 who cares about the view?  I just wanted to go home.  


  1. What a beautiful memorial. I never knew Minja except through the emails we exchanged as Prealpina alumnae. Susie Goetze

  2. Thanks, Susie! Minja actually bought this painting...and that's when I found out about her feelings re ballet...:) I'm so grateful that I got to spend time with her in Iceland in 2010.