Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nicholas Simmons

 Nick Simmons was my teacher, mentor and dear friend for 7 years.  He challenged and inspired me to try new approaches and to always do what I wanted to do with subject matter and technique.  I learned so very much and  grew in confidence - the confidence he always tried to instill in his pupils and friends. Thank you Nick.  We will miss you.

At my first workshop - I had never done watercolor before!

With my model Amy, and Nick - who pushed me to do my first solo show - a real leap of faith!

A daring and somewhat wine-fueled purchase of Barcelona!

The happy owner and the artist..

It was too big for my car so Nick volunteered to deliver and hang took hours to hang!

At the BWS MidAtlantic show this past June -kudos and support from the master.... 

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